Month: March 2017



SOOOO TICKED! Thanks Panasonic USA for having a website that has the WRONG Parts listed for my microwave, and a live-chat that was 100% useless, even when i told them its a 380mm tray (15″) they tell me (OVER AND OVER) that the 18″ tray is what is what is in their system for my […]


So this’ll be fun

So this’ll be fun… I’ll add this: Growing up, PJ was one of my comedy-writing heroes. Despite our very different politics, I maintained my subscription to “Rolling Stone” long after I stopped trusting record reviews, just so I could keep up with PJ’s stuff. So it kind of blew my mind, years later, when we […]


Look to England

Look to England! Der lanseres nå et stort stedsutviklingsprosjekt, basert på småbyens karakter og kvaliteter. Arkitekturen blir gjennomført tradisjonell. NB: Hele artikkelteksten er kopiert nedenfor, og bildene vises i kommentarfeltet, i tilfelle du ikke får åpnet nettsiden…5500 eneboliger, rekkehus og leiligheter i tett-lav bebyggelse vil ligge innen gangavstand til små sentre med ulike tilbud. Man […]


Friday through Sunday was pact full of bowling for Seth Reel

Friday through Sunday was pact full of bowling for Seth Reel. – Friday was a Scholarship tournament down in Detroit with Hunter Vallad…they did good, but not good enough to place. – Saturday was Flint City Tornament (singles & doubles), also with Hunter Vallad. – Sunday was Flint City Team Tournament, where Seth was on […]



Book-Inspired Fashion: The Poetry of World War 1 Fashion inspiration from a tumultuous period of great emotion and creativity. I haven’t covered poetry since my post on John Keats (almost a year ago!), so I am excited to kick off the new year with some poems that are close to my heart (and those of […]