Month: June 2017


Bespoke bags

Bespoke bags, luxury jewellery, fine art, Ken & Barbie and Pre Christmas invites all in one evening. Naturally fueled by Champagne and macaroons. Some nights get busy around London and may end up having more than one invitation but do not want to let people down. There is only one solution go to all four. […]



Oh, to hell with it. it’s Friday. And I’ve seen this pottering about, so… 26 things that few will find interesting. Feel free to do your own! Age: 35 Biggest Fear: Heights Current Time: 12:17 Drink you last had: Alpro Soya Chocolate Milk Everyday starts with: Vincent attacking me on the stairs… Favorite song right […]


Isn’t it your time to Stand Out

Isn’t it your time to Stand Out? IMAGINE~ ~*~discovering your most beautiful, confident, powerful self ~*~taking your business to the next level or higher ~*~becoming more visible ~*~attracting more of your ideal clients and relationships ~*~improving relationships with your family and friends ~*~looking years younger and pounds lighter ~*~embracing your unique DIVA Effect This is […]


This woman

This woman. *sigh* Y’all really have no idea. No idea how much she’s saved my butt. No idea what she’s done for so many of you on my behalf. No idea of all that she still has to offer. I have no idea how I would have kept it together through professional and personal life […]


When one of the largest Christian denominations in the country flatly refuses to denounce white superiority

When one of the largest Christian denominations in the country flatly refuses to denounce white superiority, consider yourself educated. I see you, Southern Baptists. Oh, we’re all God’s children all right. But some of us are more precious than others. I’ve been criticized for pointing out the problems in Christianity but I think the Southern […]



PARTY INVITATION You’re all invited June 20th to join the release party of Kash the final book in Victoria Ashley’s Walk of Shame series! Let’s help send the series off in style in what is sure to be a party of epic proportions! Hope to see you there! Event: Kash Release Party Schedule CST […]



OK! Work samples for the grant proposal looking like this (for now). Suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance for your help. SERIOUS input only. I will delete everything else. 1. Poem: Anthropologic (Gravities of Center) 2. Poem: ___ (Poeta en San Francisco) 3. Poem: ___ (Poeta en San Francisco) 4. Poem: Duyong (Diwata) 5. […]