Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies – The Background To “The System” – Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life – 27th July 2017


Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies – The Background To “The System” – Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life – 27th July 2017

Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies - The Background To "The System" - Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 27th July 2017 - - Sanitised wrote to us today.... ""The psychic reign is conducted by Satan, A MAN all Freemasons worship as The Grand Architect, the creator of the dream of Hell for MAN" Satan is A MAN?"
We replied......
Yep (Y)
Sanitised replied...
Man or man like?
We replied......
Through invitation, initiation and definition,…/m…/Blind6_zps6vzvmahl.png.html…/…/Blind17_zpsvqgejxy3.jpg.html…/…/Blind22_zpsu1selodc.jpg.html
the pure and sincere innocence of undefined MAN fell into the dream-world of a defined MAN, the Grand Architect, Satan, a mapped out version of defined reality…/…/Blind25_zpskwhvbjxm.jpg.html…/…/Blind24_zps33edh8yn.jpg.html
dreamt up by a MAN with the intent to deceive MAN (children/men/women/brothers/sisters/family/community/tribe) into being defined (fallen).
Defined consciousness, life, reality, freedom, etc, is all fake, lies, deception and fraud.
"Man Like" is a defined MAN under the light of Lucifer (see candle),…/m…/Blind9_zpsjmawnv2t.jpg.html
desecrated and no longer pure and sincere. A defined MAN is not a MAN, instead is a fallen MAN under the influence of illumination, the light of Lucifer, the intellect of definition, the craft of the occults in practice.
Man is undefined, is pure, sincere and uncorrupted, the living Christ (soul) of MAN'S living dream of life.
MAN is sacred but misguided brothers/sisters were conned into the promise of "jewels", "power", "truth" and immense pleasures…/…/Blind20_zps85azkh7v.jpg.html
that come with exclusive and privileged "standings" amongst societies ("The System") of brother-hoods/sister-hoods.…/…/Blind19_zpsy8brxgs0.jpg.html
They are all now desecrated under the robotic programming of the occults, the Luciferic (intellectual) illumination of 3rd party definitions (explanations, instructions, education, suggestions), the ancient (deeper) mysteries, ancient tongues/ways, etc, fully mapping out a fake, defined reality with brainwashed MAN at its centre, the mask of SELF-OBSESSION.
The blindfolded MAN of belief, faith and associated opinion of definition,…/m…/Blind7_zpsd4rsgncg.jpg.html
is now in the darkness, the Luciferic illumination of intellectualised non-SENSE, under the stereotyped HOODS of defined reality, truth,…/m…/Blind2_zpsewxvxjuu.jpg.html
crucified under the DARK influence of those whose intention is to desecrate unique, original, MAN (Christ - Soul) seducing MAN into giving up SENSE (undefined reality, purity and sincerity of a unique, original living/live-in soul), hence the blindfold and the already blind brothers(hoods) (and sisterHOODS)…/…/Blind23_zps6wev1lvw.jpg.html
standing behind and in front of him with the occultic swords of defined "truth", "power" and "UNION" to bind (initiate) the blind MAN to their order/fraternity/society/etc, "The System" where everyone is blind (dead) to sense (soul)…/m…/Blind3_zpsxs3oflv1.png.html
and determined to make those around them and under them blind to sense too,…/m…/Blind4_zps6pigbuxg.png.html
immersed in the NON-SENSE that is the defined reality of the OCCULTS that define a falling MAN into being corrupted and giving up the creation of a unique, original living (live-in) soul. They are all desecrated, they are all blind. The blind are leading the blind, coming as politicians, judges, lawyers, rock stars, film directors and appearing in ALL areas of system life. They all carry the light of Lucifer and are the rolling stone out of control, all working together for the Grand Plan of desecrating everything of the living dream of reality, celebrating together as they roll towards eternal destruction IN THIS LIFE.
The promise of the living soul of every MAN, including the occultists, is being crucified by all those practising the occults. They believe the illumination is the true, living light and will go to war under this light of Lucifer for their religion, god, science, etc, desecrating MAN by forcing MAN under the definition of their light of Lucifer, just as the Conquistadors desecrated the tribes of MAN on the land long ago. They do not sense the harm, just as we all do not sense the harm as we kill animals to eat them or wear their skin, give processed food and soft drink to our children as we pack them off to school, subtly gang up to force each other to acquiesce and comply so that we do not have to face the broken will of our own compliance and acquiescence.
Our crucifixion is marked by the "name", the mark of the beast that is the "name" of the definition defining the fake MAN. The "name" is the mask of self obsession that is our attachment to the definitions that we use to craft our fake, system personas.…/Get%20Off%20The%20Cross%20We%…
Note the cut off trouser leg worn by the initiate; he has only one leg without his fraternity and needs his bonded brothers to achieve physical and material standings, status, privilege and direction. His shirt is cut open at the left side of the chest because he has to give up his heart, his soul and conscience for his brotherhood, giving them all his loyalty and trust, which is why he allows himself to be blindfolded and guided by them.…/…/Blind13_zpsftxpc3na.png.html…/…/Blind21_zpsbw95xkza.jpg.html…/…/Blind15_zpsuhr81nwq.jpg.html…/…/Blind12_zpslxdlgrpp.jpg.html…/…/Blind11_zpscqujgxqq.jpg.html…/…/Blind10_zpsjxi08lwy.jpg.html…/m…/Blind8_zps0s5uw7yx.jpg.html…/…/Blind16_zpsynqwivup.jpg.html
Defined MAN is at the affect of a black software program, the occults,…/…/Blind14_zpsk0bru1fn.jpg.html
that dictates how the MAN moves arms and legs and carries out every action in the defined system lifestyle fallen-duped-MAN has chosen, even as far as the dreams going through MAN'S head as MAN sleeps.
All occultists and all those under the affects of the occultists HERE AND NOW only have one shot to create a living soul in (as) this life because, if they don't, they will have committed spiritual suicide (eternal death) without ever realising (sensing) what they have done because they cannot sense what they are really doing.
When everything of "The System" goes down at the same "time" shortly, as it did around 1200 years of sunrises ago and all the ancient "civilisations" across earth were destroyed in one fatal blow, the occultists will not even have sensed what has happened to them. They will be gone, no more forevermore without being able to realise that they are gone. This is what the blindfold does to every MAN lost to defined reality (NON-SENSE).
All those initiated through the blindfold are mesmerised and discombobulated. They have been enchanted by the spiralling vortex of lies that they re-energise with their life energy so that it is perpetually self-fulfilling. The self obsession they have formed with the definitions has them falling from reality, deeper and deeper into non-sense where the purity of MAN is decaying in the image of their own death, the darkness of the hood, the definitions of the occults that rule them as their god.
The promise of all the jewels, power, glory and heavens after life is all a lie - they have all been deceived. They are in the image of their own eternal death (spiritual suicide) because they have free will, just as we all do, making us each the gods (fallen Christs) of our own destiny.
The point of life is to create a unique, original, living soul that no one can define for any MAN. A child of MAN raised by nature with no one inside their head filling their head with definitions, naturally creates a living soul. That MAN is undesecrated and already is the key and has already entered (so to speak) the living paradise of eternal life.
This cannot be faked and there is no short cut around it. We all have the FREE-WILL choice of eternal life or eternal death - which one do you choose?
To all the occultists: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
When you have a living soul, it is your unique and original live-in dreams that move your arms and your legs and influence all your actions. You are fully in control and you are not a robot. You are alive and not dead.You dream living dreams, not fantasies of living dreams.
Many occultists contact us and try to play games with our heads, attempting to put false hopes into our thinking and to get us to doubt what we are doing. We see through their intentions but we still talk to them, give them our very best, because we recognise that they are still our brothers and sisters, lost though they may be.
All occultists are self obsession junkies, infatuated by the mask that is the illumination of definition that has defined the fake persona, the fashion statements of the stereotypes they wear under the "name" of their status in the system of the occults.…/…/Blind26_zpsmpujtlt3.jpg.html…/…/Blind28_zps2stz8m5l.jpg.html
All those trapped under the occultists are also wearing the mask because they are projecting the illumination of a defined reality that is not their unique, original dreams. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Punk Rockers, Accountants and Astronauts, etc, etc, are all trapped in the illumination of Lucifer; they did not create any of it and there is no living soul there.…/…/Blind31_zpsqlygkoqw.jpg.html
The masks also show how the occultists use their standings and titles to hide behind and to absolve themselves of taking any responsibility for what they are doing to their brothers and sisters, just as they hide behind laws, policies, rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, contracts, conditions and obligations.
They are too scared to come out into the open and admit to everyone that they lust for total domination over all of their brothers and sisters because they are jealous lovers who need all of us for them to have what they want as glorious gods in their pantomime of rulers and ruled. "The System" is designed around "names" and standings so that they can get what they want and we are all too brainwashed to sense what is going on.
They travelled all across earth to crucify MAN on the land so that there would be no resistance to their crusade to entrap all of MAN under their dark agenda, their covert system of slavery.
No matter what belief you follow in "The System", whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, scientist, conspiracy theorist, etc, you are supporting their agenda because you are accepting and living the illumination they brainwashed you into.…/…/Blind30_zpshoqjimee.jpg.html
Some on the inside cannot cope with the strain of carrying out the crucifixion of all of MAN and they have to drop the mask in some way or another because their conscience won't let them rest. so they reveal information or show the truth through movies, art, music, etc, even though they may get bumped off for speaking out against the agenda, appearing to die through "unfortunate" accidents or diseases implemented by the alchemy of the occultists.…/…/Blind32_zps7vk99wyb.jpg.html
But all those who remain cold-hearted, consciences ignored, are always watching, maintaining constant vigilance because they do not want to lose the glory of their status and privilege. The Luciferic illumination is everything to them so they continue to lie and lie and lie as they bleed their peasants dry, the corpses mounting ever higher as they sit on top as queens, kings, pharaohs, popes, high priests, emperors and presidents, but they are nothing, empty of soul, sense, conscience and life, and they will die in this life as nothing, never to be remembered once "The System" crashes again. No remains of their fake lives will exist to be remembered.…/…/Blind27_zpsrcyjaub1.png.html…/…/Blind29_zps5zq3xxeo.jpg.html
The series of videos embedded below, "Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies" goes into the above themes in great detail. There are a few more to be added as we do them weekly and they will be added to this thread each week and they all tie in with the articles,
"The Selfie Of Freakenstein",
"The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practise",
"Darkness Visible Part One
"Darkness Visible Part Five"
If you have not read them, do so. These posts are for all those lost to the occults or under the effects of the occults (read and write alphabet languages) to wake up and get out of there in this life, and to work passionately towards fixing up all the damage they have done to the inherent promise of living souls in this life, if they really dream to fulfill the promise of an eternal living soul, undesecrated MAN.
To the occultists, WE ARE YOUR REDEEMER. We go where truth takes us, what about you?
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies
The Background To The System
Warning: Arthur swears in these videos.
Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies Part One
The Background To The System Part 4
9th July 2017
The inspiration of life comes through the senses and is without "self-obsession" defining a stereotyped reality. MAN is undefinable and everything of the living dream of MAN'S life is undefinable - there is NO e-motion there. It is in what has been defined that we find e-motion generated by self-obsession causing MAN to fall from undefined reality. MAN fell from paradise due to the self-obsession; for example, MAN already was/is the purity and sincerity of health but then started thinking about health due to the doubt and uncertainty creeping in about MAN'S health, all-of-which caused MAN to consistently default to non-health because MAN had already made MAN'S bed in the "self-obsession" of MAN'S "health", and this is how sickness and disease sprang forth as part of MAN'S fall from paradise. The same goes for every area of MAN'S life that is currently falling apart.
"The System" is all about imagining what is not really there and believing it is real. "The System" is the craft of imagining in practice. Reality does not require imagining for reality to exist. However, the lies of fantasy do require imagining. An imagined life is a lie and it is here where everyone is trapped in "The System" of fantasy, of self-obsession.
Holding the LIVING dream of MAN'S undefinable life that is Kindom is NOT holding the imagined a,b,c,1,2,3,etc, thoughts in focus, no matter how "real" they show up to be, complex or not, between the ears. The self-obsession is the a,b,c,1,2,3,etc, thoughts/images defining the fantasy of an imaginary life assumed to be real and true and, when you dwell on such non-sense, which always comes with the storytelling of a vast variety of e-motions on offer, you are no longer focused on, no longer HOLDING, the living dream of MAN'S life and are unable to create a living soul.
This is MAN'S fallen/falling into hell ("The System" of a,b,c,1,2,3,etc, thoughts/dreams/images) state.
Sense is NOT the alphabet thoughts you think.
There is no living soul of MAN to be sensed amongst the non-sense of a,b,c,1,2,3,etc, thoughts, and that's because fantasy is not reality - there is nothing real/living amongst non-sense. We commit spiritual suicide by focusing on non-sense rather than sense.
The ONLY purpose of MAN'S living dream of life is creating a unique, original living soul, holding the LIVING dream of MAN'S undefinable life that is Kindom in focus, and that's it.
Video Link:
Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies Part 2
The Background To The System Part 5
16th July 2017
In Part 5 of "The Background To "The System" - Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies, Part 2, the video series on the Tru-Mon Show, Arthur, Fiona Cristian, Love For Life, and Jahnick Leaunier continue to discuss the pitfalls of self obsession that keep us trapped in "The System", even as we think we are escaping it, even as we think we are moving towards consciousness and freedom and to realising our dreams.
We talk about our reliance on definitions to create our system lives and how, if we are not prepared to use scrutiny to examine our thinking and our e-motional triggers, we will remain blind to how we constantly use definitions to define our lives and the lives of those around us, ignoring the undefined reality of who we really are and of everything of nature/earth/MAN around us, and wearing our definitions into every effort we make to free our lives from system constraints.
Our training in definitions begins from even before we leave our mother's womb and continues as those around us, our parents, extended families, teachers, etc, bombard us daily with definitions until we have mastered the occultic craft of definition and practice it throughout the rest of our system lives. In this way, we are easy pickings for the occultists as they manipulate our thinking, prodding us towards the outcomes they have planned for us so that we take them on as the outcomes we plan for our lives and the lives of everybody else in "The System.
Video Link:
Breaking The Illusion Of Self Obsession Junkies Part 3
The Background To The System Part 6
23rd July 2017
In this episode of the Tru-Mon Show, Jahnick Leaunier and Arthur and Fiona Cristian are joined by Hanno Piest from Germany for further discussion of the huge subject of the self obsession that plagues everyone brought up in "The System", including the occultists who nurture our self obsession because they do not want us to wake up to who we really are as magnificent MAN, co-creators of MAN'S living dream (soul) of life.
Instead, we continue living our system lives as robots following the programs of our chosen system lifestyles that have been mapped out for us to follow, even as we think we are taking control of our lives through the system choices we make.
We are in the formation of the information that we have been led to through our education, under the guidance of our occultic masters who are following the in-tuition of the teachings of their master, the Grand Architect and founding father of Freemasonry (the occults).
Also discussed were the dangers of becoming self obsessed with our "waking up" and with various aspects of waking up, such as diving into conspiracy theories, or rushing to drop the "name" before there is a support system in place to enable this to be done responsibly without putting stress and strain on others who may not fully comprehend or be in a position to support such a move.
This led to some discussion about the Kindom remedy and how we work together to build up the infrastructure of communities so that each community can support more and more men and women dropping the "name" as the community grows and becomes sustainable, even as some men and women continue to have contracts in "The System", until the community is sustainable and strong enough to move away from all system support and contracts.
This can only happen while we are selfless in our giving, whether in the pooling of resources, in the hours we are prepared to work and in how we are prepared to support our brothers and sisters so that we can all walk away from "The System" together.
Video Link:
Other Recorded Chats With Jahnick Leaunier
The Tru-Mon Show
Warning - Arthur swears in these videos
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  1. The self-obsession is staggering and the occults is that and the craft and practice of the occults depends on inculcation to define all forms of self-obsession in all victims starting with those lost to the occults and all those trapped beneath them. It’s all deeply fucked. All occultists are a bunch of losers, wankers and are deeply fucked-up and completely lost on the path of complete and utter spiritual suicide in this life. Is it too late for them?

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