If you don’t like guitars and guitar stuff look away now


If you don’t like guitars and guitar stuff look away now

If you don't like guitars and guitar stuff look away now.......Filled my boots at the Southern Guitar show at Kempton Park Racecourse yesterday. Just me unfettered with a moderate crowd of fellow junkies amidst a fantasmogorical extravanganza of new and used instruments and accessories on 2 floors of the function suite. Loads of truly fabulous ancient electrics and a smattering of acoustics from the famous makers to a fascinating selection of lesser knowns and 'also rans'. Also some pant wetting new guitars of astounding quality from an assortment of luthiers..check the amazing work of Dutch maker Angelo van Merrienboer at www.panucci.nl for vintage LPs and Teles that look and feel better than the real thing at a fraction of the cost. Somehow managed to keep the debit card from flying too far. Didn't buy an original Gordon Smith GS1 that had been shoved into a corner. It had a £280 ticket on it which was way under Ebay street price. These little gems have been proven time and again to sound better than Gibsons when recording Green Day style power pop chord bashing. Been on my bucket list forever but Jesus told me I must sell some stuff before acquiring any more...damn!!!...However, left with a shiny new set of Brian May style Burns pickups for my upgraded Korean Marquee model from Barry Gibson (Burns proprietor and interestingly my predecessor in The Rockettes) Can't wait to cobble them in and ROCK!!!...2 dirt cheap capos...one intended for banjo's and mandolins but works great as a '5 string at the 2nd fret' for instant drop D tuning(try this great trick revealed to me by an old boy at a bluegrass gathering a few years back).... and a set of strings. Emotionally drained and have to rest now.

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    1. I’m trying! I recently spent two hours at a guitar dealers in north London, playing all kinds of acoustic heaven. 1930s Gibson! A 1936 Kalamazoo! 1950s Gibson LG1 – I could go on! I had to tear myself away before I spent more money, but I can still feel the pull. Check out the site – http://www.glennsguitars.com/ But I warn you, it will only feed your addiction!

  1. Quite right, although Mrs Brayne, who prefers to keep her own name and who can blame her, has not tried to dissuade me from buying instruments. She understands. The problem is finding space for them all, so I think something has to go on Ebay first. But what better way to spend any spare money you may happen to have? More guitars needed.

  2. Amen…..those Hummingbirds are particularly pervtastic..wanted one since seeing Ian Matthews play one at The Denning Hall, Croydon Tech when I was 19. One of the sweetest sounding acoustics ever.

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