In MY opinion


In MY opinion

In MY opinion, I believe designers should have laws to protect their rights for their garments once photographed by a photographer. For instance you do the shoot. Give me permission to use them for social media, portfolio, and submissions. I put them up on social media and you want me to take them down. I can't argue back because I have no rights. Or you use my pics for something that I may not want my brand affiliated with. Or I submit and get accepted but then I say I can't after being accepted and now I look like an unprofessional to them. How is it fair that the this can happen when this is the designers concept and brand. Where are the laws to protect the designers work? Designers are responsible for the location of the shoot, hair, makeup, accessories etc and the photographer has ownership rights and can basically abuse their authority when a contract is not in place. So I say this. Designers draft up a contract and get it approved by your attorneys. More people to add to my list. If this offends anyone, simply put, I don't care. This is MY opinion and nobody asked you to read this or comment.

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  1. Girl and this is why I’m the only one who shoots my shit.. if I give ppl permission I’m fully aware of the consequences. Don’t let ppl shoot your clothes unless they are either paying or you have signed some paperwork or both

  2. That’s also a great way for big time designers to see your work being highlighted and without your work being protected u run the risk of a higher end designer stealing your work and remixing it into their own. Please hire a business attorney, especially to look over contracts

  3. There’s also something called a #POOR #MANS #COPYRIGHT. You make the garnet, but you also send the pic to yourself, before you send it to a magazine, or let them use it. Don’t open the envelope. Unless you have to present it in court. Also, you make sure to put a date on it.

  4. I know, but I called a few weeks prior to that happening and again when I found out it happened. I assumed you’d probably changed your number.

  5. Yea and no. You are the customer and are purchasing the photos. We still watermark the photos but at that point you can do what ever you want with them as long as you don’t remove the watermark. It is possible that the photographer will release the raw image, which would mean he releases all ownership but they usually charge 3x the cost of the photo to do that. Again, make sure it’s in your contract that you can use any photos you accept in any way you want. I think that if the photographer is worth his/her salt as a person than they’ll agree to those terms if your paying them. The worst case I could see would be them using them in their portfolio, which is what I would probably request.

  6. That’s what I believe too. But it doesn’t negate copyright, which I don’t think matters in this case since the photographer should know that it’s being reprinted. In my opinion I think the watermark should be left off those photos as well. It’s not like the photographer doesn’t have the raw files and such. And if the customer is even half way decent they’ll honestly tell people who the photographer is.

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