Okay Facebook friends


Okay Facebook friends

Okay Facebook friends, I have a suuuuper important question here.... I'm heading to NOLA next week with Beachbody (woot!!) and one of the nights I got invited to an exclusive Mardi Gras party. Super excited! I decided to go with a simple black dress with accessories, BUT the serious question here is do I go with a Mardi Gras mask or with just Mardi Gras make up?! If so, which one?!?! I can't decide! #1stworldproblems #somebodydressme

14 thoughts on “Okay Facebook friends

  1. Mask, if you want to see mine I would let you borrow them. Got them in Venice when stationed in Italy.

  2. Mask for sure! How often do you get the chance to dress up and wear a fun mask? I love the purple one! It would stand out with your LBD

  3. Maybe I’m a lil over the top (or just plain crazy!) buttttt I’d do both!! If it’s a simple black dress you could totally go with A and D. You get to wear the fun mask and the makeup has just enough color to make yours pop in the mask! Plus if you get hot or just get tired of the mask you’ll still have fun Mardi gras make up underneath!

  4. Totally B. You have to wear a mask to a Mardi Gras party!!! I would still do some fancy makeup underneath so when your mask gets heavy, you don’t feel naked when you take it off.

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