So this’ll be fun


So this’ll be fun

So this'll be fun... I'll add this: Growing up, PJ was one of my comedy-writing heroes. Despite our very different politics, I maintained my subscription to "Rolling Stone" long after I stopped trusting record reviews, just so I could keep up with PJ's stuff. So it kind of blew my mind, years later, when we became colleagues and friends on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." And now I get to do this. 19 Year-Old Me is very psyched for Much Older Me!

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    1. Aw, thanks Karen. My wife, the amazing Jeanne Simpson, was actually ON the show. As Joan of Arc, Maid Marian, Juliet, and etc.!

  1. That’s totally awesome. I absolutely remember those characters…she’s fantastic. Extra congratulations to you for the Jericho Hall Of Fame thing. Super cool and very well deserved. Bravo!

  2. Adam you know Wishbone was a staple of my childhood. I still remember the theme song. That show was everything to me.

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