THANKS EVERYONE, for the overwhelming flood of Birthday greetings and well wishes, you all made my special day very memorable, indeed!!! I must confess that I haven't yet read every single message that you guys sent me owing to the busy schedule of celebrating my birthday with the family, but I'll spend my whole day-off today in doing so, and I promise I will reply to each and every one of your PM's and posts on my Wall. ^_^ To old friends, I say, thank you for keeping in contact with me and having faith in me, all these years of my life; to new friends, I say, it's very nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy this ride with me as much as I do with you; and to those good people who have passed already and left this World, I say, "my dear friends, you are sorely missed and will never be forgotten..." To family and loved ones, what else is there to say, but that I Love you, Love you, Love you, po! <3 <3 <3 Wise folks have always maintained that "Life is a Journey", and if this is really so, I can definitely say that I AM HAPPY TO HAVE THIS LIFE'S GREAT JOURNEY WITH ALL OF YOU. Salamat. :)

14 thoughts on “THANKS EVERYONE

  1. Bizprend belated happy bornday..
    Now lng ng open kaya late greetings..pakasala kana tanda mu na..hehehehe

    1. Hahah, salamat bizprend Jonaths, ^_^ Iba ka talaga, tragis ka, minsan ka lang mag.message pero laging tusok, hahah^ Labyu, beastprend… ^_^

    1. Thanks, Ate Joy! Regards to Kuya Rey and the kids! 😀 Sayang, I was out of town when you guys went to the museum.. Set natin ulit, just tell me when, and I’ll tour you in NM. May surprise pati ako sa inaanak ko, hahah^

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