This is me


This is me

This is me... I'm 115 pounds in each picture... But each photo tells a different story! It might not seem like a big difference to you... but it is to me. Stick with me- In each photo I was eating from the same basic meal plan and doing the same workouts.... BUT there were VERY small changes that I made as to WHAT I was consuming ... Let me explain: Left to right- ☀️Photo 1: Eating from my daily meal plan... using portion control and eating 90% clean healthy foods... Rarely eating out, prepping and preparing all my food and working out 30 minutes a day. ☀️Photo 2: I was doing the exact same workouts... eating from my exact same clean eating list! BUT... I was traveling and eating things that I didn't prepare! Even though I ate NOTHING off my meal plan ... I KNOW things had been added to my food without my knowledge. Look at the difference ...that's inflammation!!! * I had eaten possible gluten, dairy, additives, preservatives etc without knowing. I felt HORRIBLE in photo 2. I had low energy, my stomach hurt, I was moody, fluffy and I just felt really B.A.D. and SICK! ☀️Photo 3: TRAVELING - Eating my same basic foods for 28 days ... But I changed it up just a little. I prepped and prepared all my meals except for two. (I ate 2 salads and grilled shrimp out) I Didn't consume any sugar including fruit and added an extra protein for 3 days ... then I went back to my regular meal plan from photo 1. I also did the same 30 minute home workouts... ( Except I skipped a couple days. ) **My point... FOOD MATTERS** ☀️There are foods that can give you inflammation... even healthy foods! This doesn't mean that you're "allergic" it might mean your body has a hard time digesting it or you have a food sensitivity problems!! These problems can be causing gut health issues that's making you feel bloated, fluffy, tired, heavy, moody, sick and just yucky! ☀️ I have a gluten and dairy intolerance and actual allergy... I never show you pics of my stomach when I'm having problems, but all my really close friends and family have witnessed it!! ☀️I've decided that I'm not going to be so "secret" about this any longer on my page... because I want you to know that I have struggles too! Its hard feeling insecure about my body when I have flareups! I know some of my followers might be having the SAME problems and struggles! #youAreNotAlone ☀️The good news is that I have been researching and learning new ways to help heal my gut health! ☀️In the last photo I was actually traveling, but I have found some new ways to help combat the inflammation! I will be posting more about this issue and subject here on my page in the following weeks and months so that maybe I can help others too! If this doesn't interest you... just scroll on by. :) Folks, It's not about the weight. It's about FEELING good- Both physically and emotionally! You will be happy with your weight when everything else falls into place. #foodAllergies #inflamation #gutHealth #foodProblems #gluten #dairy #intolerance #fitAt49 #foodMATTERS #trainerProblems #emotionalHealth #happiness

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  1. I’m slowly realizing more and more how important food is then I see this post ! ❤️ definitely something I am going to work hard on in my life now that I’ve found a trainer I love! Thank you

  2. Yes definitely noticed a difference from the shred. It’s amazing all the additives in the food that we think is healthy. If you don’t make it then you’ll never know. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Blanca A. Cedano-Allende! I always feel so great when I just listen to my body and not go for something easy!

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