trekking in Vietnam


trekking in Vietnam

 Y Ty is a site in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level. All year round, the Rat is covered with a thick layer of fog, so that Rat is considered "fog land". But when it came back, in September, Y Ty suddenly brightened up by the brilliant yellow of cooked rice. The terraces here are famous for their beautiful and romantic nature. 
The rice in Y Ty is harvested very early, in mid-October, the villagers have finished harvesting their crops and there, the terraced fields are barely scratched. So if you want to have a trip to Y Rat, please balance the time properly.

After harvesting the rice, the Ha Nhi ethnic minority people, the Mong people spread their dry rice to burn, white columns of smoke rising in the middle of a brilliant golden space, straw smell burning, all make a picture. Amazing scene and feeling very close, pleasant.
Mu Cang Chai as a rug is woven into many colors
Mu Cang Chai as a rug is woven into many colors
Ha Giang is a province located in the northern pole of our country, where the Lung Cu flagpole marks the sacred sovereignty of the country. However, referring to Ha Giang without mentioning Hoang Su Phi is a shortcoming. Su Su Phi is a district located in the west of Ha Giang, where it is extremely famous for its terraced fields. Around October, upland rice, including a golden yellow bowl, Hoang Su Phi attracts visitors to visit here. 
Paddy here is quite late, so you can spoil the reasonable travel time. However, the road here is quite dangerous and dangerous so you need to be very careful when moving. Another note is the highland climate in Hoang Su Phi is very cold, so to have a perfect trip you should bring back warm clothes
Pu Luong is considered one of the most beautiful terraced fields in the Central, however, because the roads are difficult to return to wilderness, this place is quite unknown. Pu Luong is a province in the west of Thanh Hoa province. The specialty of Pu Luong is two things, "Lua" and "Ban Lang". With trekking in Vietnam, you can discover the life of the villagers walking to the villages: Kho Muong, Thanh Cong, Kiet, Cao Hoong, or Son - Ba - Muoi.

The rice is unevenly planted, so at any time of October, come to Pu Luong you can admire the rice fields. There is an interesting point here that the paddy fields are ripe and are in the ripe phase interlaced, interwoven together to create a colorful rug, making the viewer feel fun and novelty. .
Moc Chau has long been famous, this is a place to attract tourists both domestic and foreign. Moc Chau "remember" with the white field of pure white flowers, the flowers plum blossom flowers beautiful apricot or green tea. Last but not least, in October, Moc Chau is fascinated by the terraced paddy rice field.

Coming to Moc Chau, you will be immersed in the romantic and romantic space of the clear blue sky, sunshine sweetly shining down the rice fields are sparkling, do not bewildered cows grazing grass, breeze Man blowing on the waves of stiff rice makes your soul relaxed and become excited.
The sun is cold and cold, the sky is clear without sunshine but no rain is an ideal time to have beautiful pictures. If you want to preserve the fresh image of the golden terraces and admire the view of rare people.

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