WOOT!!!! Wonderful job Paula!!! I can't wait to see what your next 90 days will bring!!!! You can do this too! Start HERE > www.gelawarfel.sbc90.com Paula says: I have lost Many Inches and 20-25 lbs. during this time....Can't wait to see what the next 90 days will bring in this journey. I thought I would share with you what I have learned while doing this so far. 1. I plan to continue another 90 day challenge 2. My physician ok'd me taking the capsules 3. No one notices you are losing until you have lost 15 lb. 4. Your underwear getting loose is the first clue 5. Second clue is your jeans 6. You have more confidence even though no one knows what you are smiling about. 7. It's fun to be quiet about what you are doing and then 8. It is fun to tell your friends what you have been doing 9. Its fun to convince friends to give Skinny Fiber a try 10. It will be fun to see what my friends loose. 11. We're having fun doing it together now!! 12. Stay off the SCALES 13. Drink plenty of WATER 14. Choose ONE MEAL, one day a week and eat something you want. 15. Measure yourself... I didn't and I regret it 16.Take a pic the day you start 17. Take a pic at 90 days 18. Celebrate your 90 Day success with a cup of yogurt 19. Do me a favor.....SHARE this post with YOUR Friends. Someone is out there waiting for help! 20. Join me for the next 90 Day Challenge Thanks for taking time to read this."

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